Answer from HTC regarding Eclair for the Hero

HTC Support
Customer Information
Name Samuel Åström
Telephone ************
Email Address ******@******.***
Country Sweden
Inquiry Information
Inquiry Type Technical Support
Inquiry Description Hi! I’m anxiously waiting for the release of Android 2.1 (Eclair) for the HTC Hero and just wonder, when will it be released? And where will I be able to find/download it? And last, will the Hero then support mobile tethering to Mac OSX after the update? Yours, Samuel Åström

New Response From [ ********* (Nordics Support (Tech)) ]
Hi Samuel,

Thank you for your email.

We have no information at the moment confirming a specific release date of an upgrade to 2.1.
Please become a member of the e-club on our website, then you will receive a confirmation via email when the upgrade is available.

Once more detailed information is available on the expected release
dates and which of the HTC branded Hero devices will be updated then a more formal announcement
will be made.

Regarding tethering with Mac OS, our products does not have support for Mac.
There might be third party applications, nut since we do not support this I would not know for sure if this is available.

Best regards,
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