How to solve Gmail “send as”/”send from” on your iPad/iPhone

As usual when I’m struggling with a technical problem and then finally manages to solve it I like to share that knowledge with others so here we go! (As always, I don’t take any responsibility if you manage to erase something or damage your device, even tough I guess doing so by following this guide would be rather hard ^_~)

The problem

I have 1 Gmail account to which I link all my 15 different email-adresses so that I get a unified inbox and depending on which email-adress someone mailed me at I reply with the same adress. I have recently gotten myself an iPad and when I realized that this was impossible to do at first glance and that all email that I responded to would come from my *** adress, I started googling.

What I wanted

  • To be able to send from different email-adresses
  • That when someone mailed me at ***@***.*** my respons-adress would automatically be set to ***@***.***, if it’s one of my adresses.
  • To do all this in either iPads native mail application or the official Gmail application

The solution

The solution was a rather strange one which I could finalize with the help of google and my good friend Carl Oscar Aaro (check out his homepage, he’s an awesome photographer). I imagine that it will work for both iPad and iPhone but I haven’t tried it for iPhone myself.

Before you start

  • Go to with your device
  • Change language to English
  • Choose your device (for me, iPad)
  • Click “Enable Send Mail As for this device” and press “Save”
  • I’m not sure if the above step is needed but better safe than sorry. Anyways, now you are all set so here we go:

    On your iPad

    • Go to settings.
    • –> Mail
    • –> Add Account…
    • –> Other
    • –> Add Mail Account
    • –> Add Mail Account
    • Fill in your credentials where adress is the adress you want to send from (don’t worry, we will add all of them later, for now fill in just one adress)
    • –> IMAP
    • Incoming Mail Server, host name:
    • Incoming Mail Server, user name & password: Your gmail account
    • Outgoing Mail Server, host name:
    • Outgoing Mail Server, user name & password: Your gmail account

    Then you are done, you will know have an active IMAP Gmail account with another email adress to send from. You will probably have an old Gmail configuration that you now have to deactivate so that you only have one active mail account. After you have done that it’s time to add those others mail accounts.

    Some more stuff to do on your iPad

    • Open up the notes application
    • Create a new page
    • Write down all of your mail adresses that you want to be able to send from, separated by a comma. Sort them in the order that you use them because the first adress will be the first to pop-up later in your mail application. For example:,,
    • Mark all the text and copy it.
    • Go back to settings and your newly created Gmail account
    • Open it up, press “Account”
    • Clear the field “Adress” in “IMAP Account Information”
    • Paste in your copied adresses
    • Press “Done” and “Done”

    And there you’re done! If you now open up the native mail application you will notice that if you compose a new message that you press the “Cc/Bcc, From” row and change from which adress that you will send your email. And not only that, if you receive an email to a specific adress, if that adress is available as a “From”-adress it will be chosen automatically. If you have the official Gmail application installed you will no longer need it so feel free to hide it or uninstall it.

    I hope that this guide helped you and if you ever struggle with a technical problem and then finally manages to solve it, please share your solution like this :)