Network (lan-card) on Asus P5QC in Ubuntu

I have decided to from now on, when I struggle with something in Ubuntu and solve it, I will write a short guide here on my blog to support the community. First out is how I solved my problem with the integrated network card on the motherboard Asus P5QC in Ubuntu 8.04.

First of all, I installed “build-essentials” by using my live-cd and installing it via Synaptic Package Manager. Then I downloaded the motherboard drivers from Just search for the motherboard P5QC and you will find a package called “Linux Drivers”.

I took it on a usb-stick, transfered it to my computer and untared it. Then I went into the folder named /lan/src which contain the source files for the drivers. Then I wrote:

sudo KBUILD_NOPEDANTIC=1 make install

After the last command I got an error message saying something like “cannot write to /var/cache/man/cat7/atl1e.7.gz in catman mode”. To fix this, I edited /etc/modules and added on a line by itself,


as the first non-comment line, then rebooted my computer. After that, everything worked and I’m now surfing with my new motherboard.

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